Sleeklens Lightroom Presets Review

Hey guys,

it’s been a while since my last blog post but I’m back and I’m trying to blog more regularly from now on. It won’t be the weekly stuff but plan is to post whenever I was on a new adventure or something like this.

So this blog entry is all about a review of Lightroom Presets from a Danish company called Sleeklens. They have reached out to me and offered me their „Through The Woods Workflow“ for Lightroom for Landscape photography for free and in return, I should write a review for them.

So let’s get into it:ubersicht-presets

The workflow/ bundle comes with a whole lot of LR Presets from „All-in-one“ presets to „base“, „exposure“, „color correct“, „tone/tint“, „vignette“ and finally „polish“ presets that can be used alone or stacked together. On the right, you can find a few examples. These are not all but most of them. Of course, all of these presets can be modalized and personalized to your own needs.

Along with the presets, you get a lot of brushes for fine tuning and local retouching in certain areas which work with the brush tool but also the gradient filter and the radial filter.


So I’ve edited some of my shots with the different presets and did some fine tuning with some of the brushes and here’s what it looks like:

The first image you see is the unedited file, straight out of camera. The second will be the one edited with the Sleeklens LR Presets and the third one is the same shot but edited with my own presets in the way and style I usually edit all my pictures.


What I first noticed using the Sleeklens workflow, is that the whole workflow is designed for a high saturation image style. The presets work fine and so do the brushes, it’s simple to use and shortens you whole workflow immense. But if you not going fo a highly saturated and contrasty image it’s probably not the best Workflow for you.

Some of the brushed come in pretty handy no matter what you editing style looks like. Best examples are the „Light“ brushes – it’s quite useful to have them because it saves you a few mouse clicks. You just select it and you’re ready to go – it’s that easy.

And if you ever need some help because you’re stuck somehow, they got lots of tutorials to watch online on their website:
So, all in all, I really like what Sleeklens did here. It’s an affordable workflow for I guess primarily hobby photographers with liability to high saturated images with focus on sunrise and sunset.

I will most likely stick to my own presets but here and there some of the brushes will come in useful for some local retouching in bright or dark areas. The fact that I’m not using it very much is not because the product isn’t good, it’s just because of my different editing style. I prefer a more desaturated style with a lot of brown tones and gentle greens, that’s all.

Sleeklens has got a lot of other workflows and bundles to offer on their website, so if you interested, go ahead and check out their stuff, it might be worth your time 😉

If you got any questions about this specific workflow or anything else, please let me know in the comments or write me a direct mail at


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